More pictures of Cuba..

I have 2 presentations on Cuba this semester and I am becoming really obsessed with the country. The architecture is really really amazing. They’ve been communist/socialist since 1959. A lot of the Spanish colonial style buildings are preserved, and something called Cuban Baroque (I think…) and Art deco. Everything is painted in amazing colors.


+26° 41’ 28.4958”,+127° 52’ 27.984”
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+44° 6’ 26.4954”,+9° 43’ 32.2386” La Spezia, Italy.
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My mom just came over and brought me this. Now I feel guilty because I didn’t call her yesterday or get her anything.

Reflection in my laptop screen of me laying on the couch. I was watching Revenge and my computer shut down. Its getting late so I guess I’m finally going to do the homework that’s due today before I forget again.


Natural Wonders | Salar de Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia
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This is how I just woke up, 5.30am and I don’t even mind
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